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Most Useful Atom Packages

Over the years Atom has really gotten my goto editor for all kinds of programming. I rarely use anything besides it now. By itself Atom seems barebone – and that is intentional. As the main developer of the editor, GitHub wanted a lean and fast piece of software to write more software with – Yay! With the help of plugins Atom can get a lot more powerful though. They are all availiable through the apm (Atom package manager). Here is a collection of plugins that I find specifically useful and that you should try out for sure:

1 Activate Power Mode

Activate Power Mode{.img .img—right} Okay let’s get serious. The plugin is pretty neat and it certainly gives you this feeling of endless power at the tip of your fingers. If we get back down from our position of divinity though, we quickly realize how useless the power mode actually is. You go crazy just from looking at the gif – right? Onto the next one!

Activate Power Mode

2 File Icons

File Icons This is the #1 (hah) package you absolutely need to install when using Atom. Its job is simple: Adding file icons for various file types. It is beautiful and helpful when trying to recognize different files. No way around it – install!

File Icons

3 Material UI & Material Syntax

Material UI & Material Syntax Most beautiful theme for Atom – Period There is no better theme both for looks and functionality. The Material Syntax provides a healthy mix of modern colors pleasing to the eye. The Material UI provides a modern experience in the style of Google Material Design. They support all extensions and they simply looks great!

Material UI | Material Syntax

4 Pigments

Pigments This is one of those small packages that you get so used to that you can’t use Atom without them anymore – Pigments is one of those. It adds color overlays to HEX and RGB-Snippets. This is really useful especially for Web Developers since it provides a visual notification about what color you are using at the moment. It is unobtrusive and integrates very well into your precious code.


5 Minimap

Minimap This is a weird one. Some love it, some can’t stand it. For me personally this is useful in large files with lots of spaghetti-code. It gets in the way sometimes, especially when trying to scroll but its advantages outweigh that most of the time. My advice is to just try it out for a while and then decide about keeping it or not.


6 Docblockr

Docblockr{.img .img—left} This is a real gem. I don’t think many people know about it. Docblockr helps you to write documentations – A developers bane. It adds auto-completion for most of the comment-functions in different languages. It even has some more fancy stuff like decorating a comment (basically putting slashes around a string). There is no way you can live without Docblockr once you tried it out!


7 Markdown Preview

Markdown Preview If you use Markdown for something get this. If not, just ignore this package. As an example, I am writing my blog post with it at this very moment. Pretty cool, huh?

Markdown Preview

8 Color Picker

Color Picker{.img .img—right} My last pick but nonetheless an important one: The Color Picker package allows you to – well yeah, pick colors. It works really well in conjunction with the pigments package. Get it, try it out, love it.

Color Picker

If you guys have any other cool Atom packages, feel free to leave a comment. I am always in search for some gems when it comes to plugins :)

author RaphaelWritten by Raphael who lives in Germany and likes to code a lot. You should check out his GitHub  or write him an  Email.