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My Hyper Terminal Setup

In this post I will show you my current Hyper terminal setup. It combines some useful plugins with awesome themes and some custom css styling.

Htop running in hyperterm

Hyper itself is fairly new in the terminal emulator market, but it is definitely the prettiest. Since it is written in Electron (basically HTML and Javascript) it can be slow sometimes. Overall I would still say it is well worth it though.

2 The config

If you just want to check out my config then you find it here.

In the follwing I will go over the changes I made to the default config to perfectly adapt Hyper to my needs. To configure it you need to change the .hyper.js-File that lies in your home directory.

First I changed to font to Roboto Mono because I think it works very well. In fact even the syntax highlighting in this blog post is using Roboto Mono.

    fontFamily: '"Roboto Mono", monospace'

Next there are the plugins I use in Hyper.

  plugins: [
  • hyper-statusline Adds information about the current directory like git-branch and folder name on the bottom of the terminal
  • hyperterm-chesterish A gorgeous theme for hyper
  • hypercwd New tabs open in the same directory as the last tab
  • hyper-dark-scrollbar ← What it says

If you want to get helpful plugins, check out the Awesome Hyper GitHub Repo.

3 Optional

If you want your Hyper to look exactly like in the screenshot at the top you will also have to add some custom styling to the config. This basically removes the top bar with the window controls (Remember you will only be able to move the window around with the keyboard).

// Custom CSS to remove header/window-controls and adjust styling
css: `
  .terms_19b1ydh {
    margin-top: 20px;
  .header_windowHeader {
    display: none;
  .tabs_nav {
    top: 0;
  .terms_terms {
    margin-top: 0;
  .terms_termsShifted {
    margin-top: 30px;

I hope this post was helpful for some of you. If you have some awesome Hyper suggestions yourself, feel free to leave a comment on my new comment engine powered by GitHub.

author RaphaelWritten by Raphael who lives in Germany and likes to code a lot. You should check out his GitHub  or write him an  Email.

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